Thursday, 13 December 2012

Old Parchment In The Attic: Remember The Vial Of Blood

eva, old, parchment, attic, letter, vampire, gothic

Trapped in a hanging abyss  In a bubble of emotions  Would it stay for eternity?  The curse i put on me  All that are buried inside  Must be borne within  Never let the doors open  Or hell will break free  Through the window  It trickles out  The fire of wrath  The destruction it did  Shattered me further  I could stop this  Or at least harness it  So it will never reach  The ones that matter the most  I would enter the black hole  Extinguish all the fire  So even though it is blackness  Blackness shall be the way to go  To protect the light in others  Their lives accounted for  A touch of magic dust  Renews their memory  Leave me behind, dear  You are now free...

                                                                                                                  Eva B.

Note: If you find this letter, it is your destinyFind me...Sense me...Bring a vial of blood with you.


  1. Whoa, beautifully written! I guess you wouldn't be interested in writing something for me at Crocked? (I can't pay you, yet) :(

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  3. Replies
    1. After seeing this lovely page, I would be honored.


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