Saturday, 29 December 2012

If Only You Knew - Story Pt. 3

   Jeremy nearly fell due to shock, and a curse slipped off his tongue. "Shit..jeez, Mandy, can't you ask before you come in next time? This is my room, for God's sake!" Mandy just smiled.
"How did you come in? Luckily my mom didn't see you just now."
"I just jumped out of  her sight as she opened the door. I thought she saw me, and I was scared stiff! Thank goodness she didn't. Anyway, the front door wasn't locked, so I crept in and found your room. Wheew...."
 Mandy acted as if to wipe off imaginary sweat on her forehead. Jeremy just rolled his eyes and proceeded to change his shirt.
   Jeremy spun around quickly, only to find the girl covering her eyes with the palms of her hands. "What are you afraid of?" He asked. Mandy gestured towards the wardrobe, when actually she intended to point towards his abdomen. Her eyes were shut tight.
"Put on your shirt quickly."
"Haha...are you embarrassed, Mandy? If you're going to live here, you have to get used to it."
"I know! Would you please put on your shirt now?"
   Jeremy thought the way Mandy reacted was funny, so he reckoned he would play the joke on her and see how she takes to it. "You are afraid, aren't you? Gruaa...gruaahhh..." He went closer to her. "Mandy...Mandy...the sexy monster is gonna eat you...yumyum..."
"Stay away!"
"The monster is coming to get you...I'm gonna crush your bones..."
   Jeremy made to touch her upraised hands. "Oo0o0o..."
   Mandy, in her panic, had stuck a foot out and kicked Jeremy...right where she should not have. Hearing Jeremy yelped, she opened her eyes and saw him sprawled on the floor. She didn't know whether to laugh or not. Then a voice rang from below.
"Jeremy, what took u so long? Come down now!"
    Jeremy managed to choke out, "Yes, Mom." in a strangled voice. He took his shirt and put it on. Looking at Mandy angrily, he hissed, "What did you do that for? I was just joking, stupid!" Tearful Mandy whispered an apology, then giggled to herself after he stormed out of the room.

   When the dinner was over and his parents are sitting in the living room with his aunt, Jeremy stole up to his room and found Mandy asleep on his bed. Her face was peaceful, as if she didn't care for the world what was happening around her, and Jeremy became unconsciously enchanted by her sleeping expression. It was like he can almost feel the serenity in her slumber world. He waked her cautiously.
 "Mandy. Wake up. Don't you feel hungry?"
   Mandy stirred. Then she sat upright so suddenly that her forehead hit Jeremy's. For the third time that day, Jeremy said, "Ow." But this time it was not a yell. It was a resigned, quiet one. Besides, his family's downstairs and he didn't want them barging into the room and discover Mandy. Needless to say, the hit was so hard that he thought he was beginning to see stars.

   "Jeremy! God that hurts...are you okay? I'm truly sorry...I was dreaming and you woke me up and I remembered that I was sleeping on your bed and that gave you no place to sleep and-...I'm so, so you need some ice? Where's the ice? In the kitchen, fridge, yes, I'll get it for you..." Her head was hurting too but Mandy was really concerned about Jeremy and she blabbered until Jeremy stopped her.
"Mandy, stop talking okay? It hurts more hearing you talk like that."
    Mandy clammed up immediately. After a minute, she asked worriedly. "Does it still hurt?" Jeremy pressed his forehead a bit. 
"Just a bit."
"I'll go down and get you some ice."
"No, there's no need. Besides, my family's down there."
"In the living room, right? Don't you worry, I won't get caught."
   Mandy was out of the room before Jeremy could stop her. He was anxious, and felt relieved after she came back quickly. "Thanks, you're pretty quick."

   "You're welcome. I practically ran most of the way, but they didn't notice me. I was.." she lowered her voice to a whisper, "...really, really quiet." Then she smiled. Jeremy noticed that she had a very pretty smile, the one that lit up her face. Very refreshing. He suddenly remembered.
"Mandy, you haven't eaten since afternoon!"
"Oh, yes...I...didn't noticed."
"You on starvation or what? Let me get you something."
"It's okay, I'm not hungry."
"Don't lie...I'm your host, I really should-"
"I told you it's okay. I've eaten, I'm still full. Really."
"Just now you said-"
'Oh, just- never mind that! I ate when you were downstairs."
    Mandy then added hastily, "But don't think that I stole your food. I went out to get it, through the pipe. I climbed down." She gestured at the long pipe outside his window. Jeremy was skeptical even when Mandy looked straight into his eyes to convince him. And she couldn't held her gaze for long. She sighed. "Jeremy, I only sleep here, okay? Food and the rest, I can take care of it myself. Just trust me. Now, I'm sure you're sleepy. I'll sleep on the floor."
"Are you sure about this? Bout just sleeping here and nothing else? And you should have the bed, you know. Or do you want to share it?"
    "Don't you dare to even dream of sharing the bed!" Mandy warned, seeing the cheeky grin on Jeremy's face. He insisted that she takes the bed, but she refused, saying that she had had enough. "Put aside you pride and manly ego, Jeremy. I said I'll be comfortable sleeping on the floor! What would your mom say if she finds you like that in the morning?" With that, Jeremy was finally forced to relent.

- To Be Continued -

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