Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Serius Di Muka, Mengarut Di Sini, Syahdu(?) Di Hati

Amaran: Rating PG13 kerana kegedikan dan karutan melampau.
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Hello semuaaaa~~~ Today so nice isn'it ??

Jom kenal saya ...*tulis sambil duduk dengan belakang tegak dan penuh sopan*

*Bongkok balik* Lenguhlah. Jom kenal i sambil muntah. Sapa yang rasa banyak angin dalam perut tu bolehlah muntahkan angin biar makanan dapat dihadam.

Saje je nak kenalkan diri i di alam maya ni. Kat dunia sebenar i takleh gedik macam ni sebab nanti semua orang muntah darah dan tercirit.

Ciri fizikal ialah muka i selalu berkerut. Orang tengok mesti otomatik bengang tanpa sebab walaupun sebabnya ialah stress tengok muka i berkerut. Kalau you all tengok i macam tu janganlah ingat i tensen dengan you all pulak. I takde niat pun nak masam muka dengan you all tau...i concentrate je pun...ade jugak time muka i senyum tapi hati menggelegak Tuhan je yang tau. Hihi. Macam mana ni nanti i tak awet muda sebab muka kedut2..terpaksa la i latih muka i supaya tegang sikit... *sibuk cari selotep dalam laci*
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Iyerr i memang gedik y'all baru tau kerrr?? Ni la design wallpaper rumah i kalau y'all nak tau!
Ala x jumpa la selotep..ugh. Ok takpe kita teruskan sesi berkenalgedik. Ciri tak fizikal ialah i ni split personality. Personaliti i di sini ialah suka mengarut dan melalut. Sebab di sini la tempat i lari sekejap dari stress di alam sebenar (pesal? Tak semayang la tuh dok ngadap PC release stress dari ngadap Tuhan?) Hahaha eyyy jangan cakap gitu ta baik taw. Kat sini i boleh kuarkan energy mengarut i yang terperangkap akibat bermuka serius lebih 8 jam sehari (ala2 tempoh pakai contact lense kan. Mengarut tol i ni).

Hati i syahdu. I salu fefeeling tengok movie dan dengar lagu. Tapi tak suka la fefeeling cerita sedeh atau cerita hantu. Sebab nanti i gedik melampaui batasan sebab terpaksa kontrol nangis atau menjerit secara ayu. Orang nangis Uwaaarghhhwarghwarghh srottt srooott tarik hingus i nangis sob. sob. sob. sampai nak tercabut idung sebab tekap tisu berjuta kali. Gedik macam i kan takleh tarik hingus srrottt sebab huduh. Duh~ tu pun tak tau ker...pastu kalau orang jerit ARRGGGHHGARGARGARkohkohkoh (tengah jerit nyamuk masuk tekak) i takleh buat macam dorang, i kena jerit dengan penuh jelita ala2 Aaahh...eee takott... sambil cover2 muka. Kuku wajib shiny dan liplap sebab bila i cover muka dengan tangan bolehlah menyerlahkan design kuku terbaru i...uh-huhh~~

Sebenarnya i pun konpius kenapa i cakap hati i syahdu...penipu betol. Kuku pun i xde warna tau. Warna kuning je la kekadang bergantung pada hari apa i masak ayam goreng kunyit.

Jangan percaya karutan i okey.

Babaizzzz you all take care see ya~~~ *lambai gedik sambil bosan*
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Inilah kegedikan i yang sebenar tauuu...~
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Y'all menyampah x...i pun same..hikhikhikkk~

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Makes Me Happy

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Be happy. Find your happiness within.

Being quirky and weird usually make me happier than being normal because i do what other people don't and sometimes it is more rewarding cos i find out what won't happen in ordinary circumstances. Either i  got applauded, labelled, scolded, etc...rather than get caught up in the in crowd and being oblivious of the small details that keep us grounded and perceptive in real life, i prefer the eccentric me. The me that although often overlook many things, also notice things that others around me don't, things that people dont notice me noticing. I like observing people. Sometimes i do something just for the benefit or their doubts, or just to see their reactions. It's quite fun, feels like im doing a research on human behaviour. Analyzing people, even analyzing myself. 
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Happy is freedom. Freedom is happiness.
It's precious freedom. Being able to do something not of norm and having peace of mind about it, not being afraid to show people the kind of person you are. Of course, not many of us are at that level yet. We are still afraid of so many things, but some of us are better at hiding it. But the longer u hide, the more tiring it become.

So every chance you get to do something random / unusual / weird / eccentric, maybe you just grab it and do it. If it makes you happy, if it is not wrong, if it doesn't jeopardizes your life, if you think you can get away with it, if you are willing to take the risk (haha), why not?

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Get crazy be happy, and these dogs be showin you how we do it.

I think as we get older we become more serious as we shoulder more responsibility and have more to think about. We slowly lose the child in us. We have less energy, less time and more worries. Salute to those who are young at heart regardless of how old they are. But of course, being young / young at heart is no excuse for being irresponsible.
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Too happy? Puke rainbow if you must.

But you know, i am wondering whether being quirky and weird will lessen our credibility / charisma at work? I can't help believing that your actions speak for you, meaning that if you do your job well, it might be a small issue if you wear a clown wig to work today and then a Goku hairstyle tomorrow ;D ... i'm just saying. But then again, we can't control the way other people are, we can only control the way we are...so maybe we can forget the wig and the Goku hairstyle... (T_T)

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Still can goof around and not acting my age, 'marbellous'!

It does make me happy that there is still energy in me and some kind of outlet for my cartoonish behaviour / soul. Despite the extreme extent of seriousness and anxiety i descend into sometimes, i can still happily goof around ;). And it is a blessing that sometimes some small things that make us smile come into our lives just like that, unexpected, unavoidable, suddenly noticeable when previously they are unnoticed.
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Enough said ;)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Your Husband Could Be A Big, Fat, Lying, Cheating Jerk...

...even to the woman he is cheating on you with.

I drank a cup of coffee yesterday afternoon, and another cup in the evening. I was told that coffee stays in your system for up to 8 hours. So tada, here i am, not asleep yet, was watching TV and surfing the internet, one thing led to another, and suddenly feeling the need to write this.

Not all the other women is a total b***h. Sometimes both the wife and mistress (es) get fooled by the guy. In the end, both become victims. But hey, this doesn't apply to all you girls out there who knows you are ruining a marriage/relationship, but still go on with it anyway, and worse still, there is not an ounce of sincere guilt in you. You are even proud about being that kind of person.

This is a story some of you out there can relate to. Your husband could tell you stories, 'honest confessions' (ha-ha) was what it appeared to be. That he was cheating on you, with a woman, and they planned to get married quietly. Why was he telling you all these lies? From an angle, people might look at him as though maybe he is not such a player after all, when he is trying to shoulder some responsibility for that woman. People might think of him as brave and honest, for confessing to his wife. He was pushing you to a limit, trying to make you accept the harsh reality, so that you will have no choice but to let him do what he wants to do. And you did, up to an extent, though. But now, surely you are not facing that kind of 'honest' lies anymore (hopefully he has repented).

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Yes to you jerk.
Because that woman, who he 'planned to get married with quietly', is not that kind of woman. She felt the guilt in her heart, although that may be hard for some of you to believe, given your own experience maybe. But she would never, to the best that she could, let herself be that kind of woman. She knew better than that. She doesn't want to live a marriage built on the ruins of another marriage. The only reason she could accept that situation is if it happens because it is meant to be. And if it happens, the marriage will happen properly, not quietly. It was enough that the man did not care at all for her dignity in front of other people (and he was real good at pretending to be her protector), why would she allow him to mistreat her any further right?

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So my friend, if you know that that misunderstanding still exist until today, please help to clear it up. This is not to open up old scars. It was already unfair enough for her before, but to be even more misunderstood like that, no. If you feel that the time is right or there is a need to tell, let the person who should know, knows. That the jerk was a bigger jerk that she probably knew, and that the other woman should be less hateful to her than her cheating husband. When she left him, all kind of truths came out and she was thankful for knowing about them. The wife, though she knew that her husband was bad, probably didn't know any better and how bad, but hopefully now lives in peace and happiness, even though her husband is once a manipulative jerk.

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A quote to keep in mind.
To the males out there, please be a good person. You have a mother, sisters, aunts, if you are married you probably have a daughter too. Don't treat women the way that you would not want the women/girls you care about in your life to be treated. 

To the girls, if you are ever caught up in these kind of situations, please try to do the right thing. We know that things will happen the way God has planned it, but then don't use this reason as an excuse when you choose to be selfish and wreck someone else's relationship (even worse, intentionally), when you can simply just walk away from it.

Because every woman deserves a faithful relationship and not get her heart broken.

P/s: i know there are bad women out there who probably deserve jerks, but i just want to end this post with a good note.