Monday, August 18, 2014


Me          :   Uh.....         
                    Hi there, Bluggie...

Bluggie   :   Yes. Long time no see.

Me          :   Sorry. *properly ashamed*

Bluggie   :   Yeah well.

Me          : know i'm busy right?

Bluggie.  :   Oh really.
                    *whispersunderbreath* Liar.

Me.          :   I mean, not busy 24/7...well u need to eat and sleep and shower and-

Bluggie    :   Yes. I believe you need to add watching Running Man to that also?

Me           :    *gulp* Does this mean that i'm busted?

Bluggie    :   You know that you'd be totally busted by saying that, right?

Me           :   .....

Bluggie    :   *stares*

Me           :   .....

Bluggie    :   *eyesnarrowed*

Me           :    UWAAAAA im sorryyyyy....!

Bluggie.   :   *sigh!* okay, okay you can stay!

Me.          :   Sniff. *sits*

And that's how my return to my blog (Bluggie) went. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

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