Thursday, 24 January 2013

Will You?


for a moment
i entered the grey world
where every face was indistinct
and everything around was insignificant

in the midst of all that
i saw your face
the only thing that has colour
will you talk to me, will you smile?
about that i wonder

i sat and ignore you
just like you did to me long ago
it surprised me when you changed seat
what didn't i know?

you and your colour , by my side
blue jersey and white pants
vibrant against all the grey
that made me want to ask
will you bring colours into my life
like you did in my dream?

* true account on what happened a long, long time ago when i was young and still in school. Yes, a dream that stays a dream because i have a real dream of my own now. LOL. But! I can still be classified as young, okkkkeeyyy? Young at heart ☻ *pukepukepuke*

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