Monday, 28 January 2013

Ask Too Little, Stop Like A Dead End

'Ask too little, stop like a dead end'. That's a phrase borne out of a pissed moment that came as sudden as an unpredicted tsunami.

You ever had someone texting you asking a direct question then just stop texting without some form of warning or indication like a dead end? And it happen again and again and again? Tell me you've never experienced that and I'll say, lucky you, sweetheart. 

Yeah I'll admit that maybe I'm overreacting. Hey, there are times when we try not to be judgemental and go 'conclusion-jumping' but when it's been going on long enough, we can't help but wonder if there's something that we miss. Of course many people had done this ask too little then stop like a dead end thing, including me, duh, but like I said, sometimes the circumstances are too fishy to be ignored.

The questions are straight up basic, direct to the point...o-kay. But to leave the greeting hanging just like that leaves the impression that you've got what you want, you're satisfied, so never mind if you kick us to the curb now...not only can it come across as disrespectful (omg you think i deserve no respect? surprise, surprise) but also downright insincere. You don't want no niceties and such, okay, we understand that maybe your time is too precious to be wasted on the likes of us. But if it is really truly bothersome to add the three letter word 'bye' or even two letter sentence 'c u' or. At least. The. Word. 'K' (as in ok) to your messages, why even bother to text in the first place? Might as well don't, you'll rid yourself of a textpocalypse.

I'm not surprised if you're confused. Right now I'm probably as confused as you are, but life's too short and I think I couldn't care less (in a few more minutes). The way I see it, it's such a waste of energy, money and time doing something that clearly are unbeneficial and means nothing and furthermoreimportantly (furthermore + more importantly), bothersome to you (hence: asking too little and stopping like a dead end), and it's not even someone that you like, or like anymore, or are comfortable with. Stop stressing yourself like this, a'ight? The world doesn't end just cause you quit on me. It's nicer if you could have a happier life and I'd be pleased to be able to give it to you.

*Note : I think only those who have gone through similar situation like this can totally relate. If you haven't but you understand what I'm talking about, good for you, I got the point across. But for those who don't get it, well... just have a nice day, k? ;p Oh, and sorry if I ever did this to you. It's really necessary to apologize, you know cos I know how it feels though I meant no harm. Feel my sincerity, folks!

~ totally in a rebellious, blog-devil mood ~

P/s: The mild font colour is so the post can be read till the end in a calm, heavenly manner without affecting readers with its red hot scorching hellish emotions. Yeah, I feel very fine now :D

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